The surface of the soil is traditionally decorated with lawn. But is it justified to lay a rolled lawn on the entire area? Do not forget that the "price" of preserving its decorative qualities is regular haircuts, fertilizing, watering, weed control, systematic verticulation and aeration. The same applies to the creation of a seeded parterre lawn. Moreover, it is undesirable to allow the appearance of not only dicotyledonous weeds on the parterre lawn, but also grasses other than those that were part of the grass mixture. Otherwise, spots of a different appearance will appear on the lawn (a wider leaf, a different shade of green, etc.).Are you ready to keep a gardener only for timely lawn care or spend your precious time on it? If not, then you can use an excellent alternative - competently divide the plot into zones in order to identify places that really require a carefully manicured lawn: near the entrance, around the house, playgrounds, baths and gazebos. All the other corners of the garden, as a rule, are little visited, and their decorative value is rarely evaluated up close. And from the windows of the house, you will agree that the ground floor and meadow lawns look almost the same.Therefore, we offer you the following solutions for the design of remote locations:- Sowing of an unpretentious lawn- a grass mixture must be selected taking into account the existing environmental conditions on the site. This lawn will require much less maintenance, besides the appearance of weeds on it is not so terrible. It is enough to mow them down until the buds open, which will prevent them from seeding and will lead to the depletion of plants.- If the flowering on the lawn does not bother you, then the device of the Moorish lawn is your option. Bright colors, unique aromas, the fluttering of butterflies, the flights of dragonflies and the buzzing of bumblebees are the constant companions of this type of lawn covering. The most important advantage of the Moorish lawn is that it does not need to be cut often. Mowing begins after flowering and seeding of herbs. At the same time, there is a huge variety of grass mixtures for creating a blooming lawn. They can consist of annual or perennial flowers (species similar to field flowers are selected - bluebells, daisies, cornflowers, crocuses, poppies, buttercups, etc.), be variegated or monochrome, have different heights (from 20cm to 1.5 m). The main thing is that the flowering of the Moorish lawn should be prolonged.- The use of non-slag species- groundcover plants. For example, periwinkles, creeping ochitkov, stonecutters. And plants such as hardy, thyme and bird highlander are also resistant to trampling. From a distance, they will also create a feeling of a "green carpet", while the care of the site will be much easier.- The use of fillings - the creation of soft coatings from organic or inorganic materials. The use of mulch has a number of undoubted advantages:- helps to preserve moisture in the soil;- protects the root system from sudden temperature changes;- prevents the germination of weeds (a geotextile cloth is laid under the mulch);- does not require special care;- serves for several years (usually updated after 3-5 years).Organic materials used for decorative purposes - bark or wood chips of woody plants, less often needles - are environmentally friendly, long-lasting (3-5 years) and easily stained.Inorganic materials - expanded clay, gravel, crushed stone, pebbles - have an even longer service life, different texture, color and particle sizes.The fillings are very plastic, they can create any shape, so they fit seamlessly into a French garden, a garden in the "country" style, and even a Japanese garden (dry landscapes).A variety of colors, sizes, textures of materials and call for trying different combinations both for each feature individually and all at once. This is an excellent field for creating interesting drawings that emphasize the overall conceptual solution of the site.And finally, the site is divided into zones, it is already known which coatings will be used for each of them. Now it is necessary to make sure that they occupy the space strictly reserved for them. Meadow lawn should not "crawl" on the ground floor, and mulch should not crumble on the surrounding lawn. Otherwise, mutual penetration will spoil the uniformity of the lawn inside certain zones, and hence the appearance of the entire site. Barrier barriers can be curbstones, curbstones, sides made of wood, stone and other materials, depending on the style of the garden. Among the gambling houses Vavada Casino is considered one of the best for gamblers from Europe. Here you will find impeccable service and instant payments.
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