Today, jewelry made of gold is worn not only by female representatives, but also by representatives of the strong half of humanity. For example, men's chains made of gold are natural, as well as quite prestigious and stylish. The assortment of men's jewelry is certainly smaller compared to women's, but after all, a man should not look like a Christmas tree hung with garlands. Jewelry for men - elements of the image, an advantageous, unusual accent of appearance.The male sex prefers, as a rule, a more strict design and massiveness, although today jewelry manufacturers can offer very original men's accessories made of gold (interesting weaving, a combination of several types of gold, products with leather inserts, and so on). But, nevertheless, by the appearance of the product, you can always determine that a particular model is designed specifically for a man.How to choose the right gold chain for men men's gold chains can be a wonderful and appropriate gift for a loved one, so today we will talk about how to choose the right gold chain:- First of all, it is desirable to determine the length of the decoration. In the event that your close man prefers to wear a chain that fits around his neck, then its length will be approximately 40 centimeters. In order for the product to sag slightly, it is necessary to choose a chain 5 centimeters larger than the neck circumference, that is, approximately 45 centimeters. The optimal length is considered to be 50 centimeters, such a chain is suitable for a large number of men with an average build;- After that, we pay attention to the color of the decoration. Designers provide a wide range of colors of precious metal (yellow, white, pink, red and even black gold). The choice will depend on the preferences of the man and on how much you are willing to spend on the purchase;- Next, we determine the breakdown of the gold product. As a rule, chains are made of metal of 585 and 750 samples; - Now we choose the weight and thickness of the jewelry. Chains for men are often heavy and massive, the thickness of the precious metal is usually from 2 to 20 millimeters. The thickest chains are made with complex weaving, so they are worn as an independent accessory, without pendants;- And finally, we choose weaving. Standard models for men are considered to be such types of weaving as Anchor, Bismarck, Figaro, Python, Moscow bit. You need to pay attention to the shape of the links. 19. The online casino industry has grown significantly over the past couple of decades and real money casinos are now a major attraction for entertainment. Best Online casinos are easy to access, provide a secure environment for betting, and give customers a wide variety of gaming options to choose from. To get started, you have to find a reliable online casino site and create an account. We provide expert casino reviews so that you can learn all about the top sites in the industry.
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