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What is One Step One Smile ? 

One Step One Smile is a Swiss non-profit association, recognized as a civil and social entity by Swiss Law, which, through sponsorship of long walks around the world, wants to help many humanitarian projects to improve children’s living conditions in order to give them the opportunity to build a better world.


How was the organisation born?

The non-profit organisation was born following the dream of walking to Sri Lanka from Geneva (Switzerland) over a period of 3 years so that the founder could prove himself that the world is beautiful despite all that one could see on television, read in the newspapers or listen on the radio but especially because of the desire to make it better, to do good and to bring a jointly help from the heart along its way.


Why One Step One Smile ? 

Because we want to come directly to help the children in need encountered during our walks.

Large structures are not necessarily necessary for great achievements. One Step One Smile wishes to support locally and directly all human-sized projects that aim at the development and well-being of children. Indeed, it only takes a little bit of time to provide valuable help and unlock some precarious situation, and often financial help can make the difference, as small as it is. Buy some shovels to dig a well, pencils and notebooks for the school, a package of patches to repair the bikes of the village children, wood to build a playground, etc.

Thanks to the trusted contacts established by the walkers during their journey, One Step One Simle promises to ensure that your sponsorships and donations will be used as efficiently as possible, namely to … 100% and this, in all transparency!

In addition to this direct financial support, One Step One Smile also wishes to offer maximum visibility to the local projects supported, projects which probably no one would have known beyond the villages and regions concerned.

Why not?

One step, one smile

Our goal is to provide children with the best environment so that they can enjoy a supportive environment where they can breathe Love and Safety, where correct and fair schooling will allow them to break all chains freeing them slavery, mistreatment, child prostitution and all other forms of physical or psychological torture suffered by far too many children.

why not become a sponsor of the association One Step One Smile ?

A walk for the others


Walkers around the globe in search of human encounters


Help children by sponsoring walkers


Support a maximum of projects for children’s well-being and healthy development

Ready for the first step?

For the children’s smile

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