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Become a patron, what does that mean ?

Becoming a patron, it is supporting projects of small local structures across the globe such as schools, orphanages, non-profit organisations that aim to ensure the well-being and development of children.

Becoming a patron, it is providing support for walkers around the world in search of human encounters aimed at improving the living conditions of children.

Help us accomplish our goal of giving a child a smile with every step taken by becoming a walker’s patron.

How ?

Fill in and send the sponsorship form


Fill in and send the sponsorship form


Follow the trails through our web site and social media


Receive every 6 months by email a count (by email) of kilometers traveled by the supported walker


Discover the smiles of children and structures for which you are provided your help


Supported walker :

Beginning of sponsorship

Sponsorship disclaimer

4 + 15 =

why not become a sponsor of the association One Step One Smile ?

A walk for the others


Walkers around the globe in search of human encounters


Help children by sponsoring walkers


Support a maximum of projects for children’s well-being and healthy development

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