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Fashion for street garlands inevitably migrated to us from Europe. Decoration of the courtyard provides a New Year's mood and enhances faith in the New Year's miracle. Of course, such lights look surprisingly snowy in winter, no one forbids to include them on significant dates even in the summer. In addition, the tightness of the flashlights allows you to not remove the light decoration throughout the year. Please note that this is exactly about street garlands. Bright chains for a home Christmas tree are not suitable for use on the street because of their unsafe.

There are a great many ideas for decorating the garden. You can develop the exterior at home yourself, given all the features of the structure. Decoration of trees is traditionally. The wrapping of the tree trunk will give the garden a wonderful look and fabulous mood. Rest sites can also be a great place to hang garlands. Just do not lay it on the ground. Firstly, it can be filled with snow, and secondly, it is not safe, you can stumble about it and damaging the tightness of the shock.

In order to choose the right garland, you need to know what options today exist.

The LED thread is the most ideal option for beginner landscape designers. We can decorate the Christmas trees with such a thread from childhood. Remember how for the New Year you wrapped a Christmas tree in a circle. Using a thread, you can create any pattern, emphasize the geometry of the tree, and stretch out a thin thread on low shrubs.

Girlyanda - fringe is a tape with small vertical bulbs, which are far away resembling icicles. This garland can be hung on the branches of a tree to create a form of intended ice.

Everyone also remembers the garland with a net. Most often, the windows of city apartments are decorated with such nets. But if you have your own garden, then it’s a sin not to use it. Throw the net on any object of your landscape and you will see how it will sparkle with new colors under the mysterious shadow of lights.

String Light is the most convenient in the decor of gardens and parks. The fact is that the length of the LED thread with evenly located LEDs, over 10 meters. This tape is equipped with an adjusting switch that can light bulbs in several modes. Thus, you get several lighting options.

Low voltage garlands have a length of 30 to 100 meters. A convenient installation method makes it popular on the lighting market.

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