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Normally, the navel will heal very quickly, and does not pass and the first month after discharge of the mother with a child from the hospital.
Nevertheless, you need to follow the advice of a specialist, so that there are no unpleasant consequences further.

The navel needs careful care, since it can serve as a channel to get an infection, inattention to the newborn can lead to serious consequences.
Every day, for rapid healing of the umbilical wound, it is necessary to use hydrogen peroxide, and then treated with a solution of green. This kind of care should be carried out no more than twice a day after the one, as the child was redeemed.

The umbilical region often begins to crush not only in children.
Bloody clots of navel in adults are a sign of the disease called omfalitis. This disease is inflammation of the navel and the territory around it. The color and consistency of clots that go out of the navel will be able to point out the disease. The treatment should not be neglected for a long time, otherwise it will be more difficult to recover, and the consequences of the disease will become more serious.
Clushes with blood appear when the structure of connective tissue is disturbed, as in the treatment of omfalite.
Fistulating can cause bleeding. The fistula is an unnatural connection between the external (the navel) and the subcutaneous organs. Fistulas can be obtained as a result of purulent inflammations in the abdomen, and in children due to medical error when forming the umbilical cord.
If the disease is observed with the advent of the child into light, then the development of the embryo had deviations. As a rule, a small hole in the navel area will be immediately noticed by parents.

As a rule, the operation to remove the fistulas can be carried out after three years. But if the child’s fistula was clogged and he began to secrete blood with mucus, it was necessary to immediately carry out the operation. At the reception with such a disease, they come to the doctor - a urologist.

Dispensation with blood in women may indicate the presence of such a disease as endometriosis. Bleeding and impaired activity occurs when the endometrial cells grow from the inside in the navel.

In such cases, surgical treatment is used. In rare situations, hormonal treatment is prescribed.
During the injury, the navel when applying piercing can also occur bloody clots, this occurs due to sepsis with improper treatment of the skin of the navel and the navel itself before and after surgery.
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